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Old SQL Editor used by default if only beeswax is allowed for user



I configured in Hue (3.9.0+cdh5.11.0+5033-1.cdh5.11.0.p0.41 deb package) a group that is only allowed to use the notebook and beeswax. In this way the user only has the option to click Hive at the top where you normally have an option to select query editors.


In this configuration, the link goes to /beeswax and shows are warning with the following text:

This is the old SQL Editor, it is recommended to instead use: Hive

If I add Impala as well, the option to select a query editor appears and the links go to the notebook editor as it should.


Is this a bug in Hue or do I have to configure something else to force the notebook editor even if only hive/beeswax is allowed and no other query editor?






This is a bug, you could try the patch

Thanks for looking into it and providing the patch.


It is not 1:1 usable for the CDH 5.11 Hue but I'll find my way to adjust it a bit for our version.

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