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Only one of and should be set.

Only one of and should be set.

New Contributor

In a PoC cluster provided with kafka(1 broker) I'm trying to send messages to the cluster with an external producer through a public IP. My cluster nodes are hosted in Azure and all of them are reachable from my local machine where the external producer is running.


Following this great article figured out the kafka listeners config I need as this broker public IP is only reachable from my local machine and inside the cluster they can only communicate using their internal hostnames:




With this configuration when I try to start the broker I get this error:


org.apache.kafka.common.config.ConfigException: Only one of and should be set.


Which makes sense as in Kafka doc for this property they say:

Name of listener used for communication between brokers. If this is unset, the listener name is defined by It is an error to set this and properties at the same time.


The problem I'm facing is that I'm unable to unset through the cloudera manager as I only have the option of switching options in a radio button.


enter image description here


How can I unset that property?


Re: Only one of and should be set.

New Contributor

Hi I know this is super late, but I was able to resolve this by doing this:


 I also changed the to PLAINTEXT