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OpenStack Storage Types in Cloudbreak

Hi all,

we have an on-prem OpenStack cloud (Version Queens) with Cinder Storage and want to use Cloudbreak for Hadoop Cluster Deployments.

Question 1

In the Cluster Creation Wizard when it comes to Hardware and Storage we can choose from the existing VM flavours that are available in our OpenStack cloud. However in the Storage section the storage types that exist in our OpenStack cloud do not show up. There is only one storage type "HDD" that shows up in the dropdown list and non of our defined storage types has this name.

Let's say our storage types are "A", "B" and "C" with associated QoS specs (maxIOPs settings).
Why do these storage types not show up in the dropdown list in the cluster creation wizard? And which storage type will be used if we select "HDD" (the only available option in the dropdown list)?
In the official documentation of Cloudbreak I can't find any "configuration" settings for the storage types.

Question 2

Next question is if it is possible to mix volumes with different storage types in the same VM? Let's say I want one fast volume (SSD storage type) and 3 slower volumes (HDD storage type). Such storage tiering is possible in HDFS but I don't see an option to define such a setup in the Cloudbreak cluster wizard.

Thanks in advance for any help!





Unfortunatley Cloudbreak does not support specifying volume types on OpenStack. It posts the request without a volume type, which Cinder translates to a default volume type.

Mixing storage types is only possible if the VM type has ephemeral storage attached to it.

Is it possible to add more storage volumes with other storage types manually after cluster provisioning using Ambari? Or will this conflict with Cloudbreak cluster monitoring?

Is this feature planned for a future version of Cloudbreak?

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