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Options for designing a data flow using NiFi

New Contributor



I am exploring different options for using NiFi to design a data flow from Cloud to on-Prem and came across the following two.


Option #1

The table below is found in 


Are the four options mentioned here offered as SAAS? Any rough idea how much they will cost and what benefit they will bring compared to Option #2 mentioned below?


Option #2

Download NiFi from "" and install it in a Azure VM. This way I will only pay for the cloud resources.


I will greatly appreciate some expert opinions on this. Thank you



@learner-loading   The Cloudera options here are:

  1. CDP Public Cloud (NiFI on Flow Management Data Hub - VMs) - (docs)
  2. CDP Public Cloud DataFlow (NiFi on kubernetes) - (docs)
  3. CDP Private Cloud Base

There are cost calculators in each product but these are dependent on sizing and usage so its not a simple answer.  You can open a sales request or reach out to me directly if you need more details.

There is a great deal of value add in our offerings in the NiFi space.  Including but not limited to: enterprise support and security, cloudera only processors, deploy on-prem, on azure, aws, or gcp.


Although these are not SAAS offerings, the Dataflow service should be investigated.  The capabilities within this are above and beyond what is found in nifi.  Those include, cloud flow catalog, flow designer ui, ready flows, data flow functions (AWS Lamba, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions), and more.  I am happy to demo and discuss these things as well.


Official Sales Requests can be submitted here: