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Oracle virtualbox-5.2.4 connectivity issue

New Contributor

I have 6 GB Ram. I set network as NAT and port forwarding with Host ip 8888 and 8080. Then Aslo im getting same error. Error screenshot is attached. Please help me out.


Hiya @Touhid Alam

A couple of suggestions:

1. Grab the latest version of HDP (2.6.3 instead of 2.5) from

2. If you want to keep working with HDP 2.5, check out this fix:

3. Keep in mind that we recommend having 8GB of RAM available for the sandbox itself, so it may run slow with only 6GB of RAM, and may crash if the 6GB you have is a total across your entire machine and not just allocated to the sandbox itself.

Let me know how it goes! 🙂


@Touhid Alam

For your HDP sandbox to boot up correctly you will need at least 8 GB of RAM that's the recommended but anything higher is better.

Have your tried the Bridged adapter else please have a look at the tutorial using the Sandbox most erroors encountered have been documented in here link

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