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PRESTO Memory issue


PRESTO Memory issue


Dear Members,


I am plagued with Presto errors . need help in configuring paramters.

[Teradata][Presto](100050) Query failed: Query exceeded max user memory size of 250GB. [SQL State=HY000, DB Errorcode=100050]


repeatedly, and no matter how much we increase Presto memory per job , like query.max-memory=200GB to query.max-memory=220GB and tried uptil 400 GB. the queries keep failing with the above errors, Could you please provide guidance on what exactly should be the tuning parameters to make these jobs run smoothly.. FYI - these daily jobs  were running fine until the recent Presto upgrade we made to 0.208 version, some tuning parameters are missing.. 


Could you please suggest the recommended steps in order to tune presto to run smoothly.. This is a critical issue we are trying to figure out a solution.. @jsensharma @nsabharwal and community folks please help..


Re: PRESTO Memory issue

Community Manager

@vendevu While we welcome your question, you would be much more likely to get a prompt and useful response by posting this to the relevant Teradata community



Bill Brooks, Community Manager
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Re: PRESTO Memory issue


Hi Bill, This issue has nothing to do with Teradata , it’s more Presto related..

Thank you for your support.. 

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