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Pandas dataframe plotting function could not apply color properly in zeppelin notebook

code.zipHello ,

I am using Zepeelin 0.7.0 with spark2 and miniconda python library in HDP 2.6 . My objective is to plot bar chart on column 'avg(dayStability)' of pandas dataframe . But I want to apply different color on each bar chart. Attached is my code for plotting bar graph and input pandas dataframe. I have just specified some dummy value of g_count, r_count, y_count but in practice these values are quite huge . When I plot the graph , I just get all the bar graph in RED color. Whereas I was expecting some bars in RED color , some bars in YELLOW color and some bars in GREEN color.

Any help is appreciated in advance.




Expert Contributor

Zeppelin's matplotlib integration is not so mature, I am trying to refactor it. Before that, you can try bokeh , here's the tutorial on how to use bokeh in zeppelin

Thanks a lot . I will try to use bokeh .

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