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Parcel Directory

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Hi community,


I changed the Parcel Directory in cloudera manager and restarted the cloudera-scm agent on the cluster nodes but when i check in /etc/alternatives i still see all are pointed to the old parcel location,


2- deactived,deleted the parcels and redownloaded, distributed and activated the parcels and cloudera agent restart with no success, the cloudera-scm agent log don't show any error on this.


3- upgraded the cdh, restarted the agent and the alternatives config still pointed to the old location.

4- Donwgraded the cdh, restarted the agent and getting the same.

5- Deleted the alternative config for yarn from /etc/alternative and restarted the agent and didn't help.

6- deleted the yarn from /var/lib/alternative and restarted the agent with no success.


the agent log isn't alerting on any exception.


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Hi @Fawze,


Show if your parcel agent is downloading in your host (parcel agent directory) then restart services when finish de distributed step.





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Issues with the links in /etc/alternatives are normally caused by corruption of the alternatives subsystem in the Operating system. We do not own this component and we've filed request with Red Hat in the past in an effort to address it. The corruption can occur for a variety of reasons but the solution is usually fairly simple.


The troublshooting steps you have taken however may make the situation worse or more specifically steps 3 and 4. The information in /etc typically impacts clients and not service daemons. If the upgrade completed without error the downgrade may have sweeping impacts that can break other services unless you have also rolled back all of the metadata services manually using backups. I'd recommend that you move back to the newer release of CDH.


On each host where you are having the problem the typicaly steps to resolve this issue are as follows, assuming nothing else is broken.


1. Stop all roles on the host.

2. Stop the agent.

3. Ensure that the agent and supervisord are fully stopped.

4. Verify the output of the follow command and ensure that it only captures information related to cloudera.


\ls -l /etc/alternatives/ | grep "\/opt\/cloudera"


5. Run the following shell script to cleanup and remove all alternatives related to cloudera parcels.


$ \ls -l /etc/alternatives/ | grep "\/opt\/cloudera" | awk {'print $9'} | \
while read m; do if [[ -e /var/lib/alternatives/${m} ]] ;then echo "Removing ${m}"; \
rm -fv /var/lib/alternatives/${m} ; fi; rm -fv /etc/alternatives/${m}; done


6. Start the agent and review the log data in /var/log/cloudera-scm-agent/cloudera-scm-agent.log. You should see the agent attempt to create new alternatives for your parcels.


7. Verify where the alternative point and restart the roles on the host.

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