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Parcel customization

Hi to all,

I'd like to customize the original Solr distributed with the CDH (5.6.0 in my case). However there are a couple of points I can't fully understand:


1) Where can I find or reconstruct the Solr Service Descriptor (sdl) of the installed Solr in order to customize it?

2) Using Cloudera Manager I have the feeling that it tries to guess the best deployment configuration...Am I right? Is it configurable also for custom distribution services?

3) Is there a simple way/tool to generate the filelist.json file of a parcel?

3) Is there a simpler way to customize the distributed Solr (actually I have just to add a library to the webapp) wrt create a new Solr parcel that replace the one distributed with the CDH?





Re: Parcel customization

Any help here..?

Re: Parcel customization

Nobody of Cloudera is interested in answering to these simple questions..? :(

Re: Parcel customization

Community Manager

I'm not sure I would call questions around parcel customization simple but I can understand your frustration over the lack of response. To clarify things a bit; the community is mainly peer to peer with Clouderans helping out at times. However, while you are waiting, here are a couple of links that may be of interest in your project.


The Cloudera Wiki may have some answers-

Especially the Parcels Format section -



Best of luck with your project.

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program

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Re: Parcel customization

Hi Jervis,

thanks for at least answering me. I've already read those links and they don't specify how to solve my problems, unfortunately... :(


I'll keep waiting for some good guy out there..