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Parquet as Array[Byte] to DataFrame without writing to disk

New Contributor


From an API I receive a parquet as an Array[Byte] (stored here as parquetPayload), and want to convert that into a DataFrame. My current function is below, and includes a write to disk



val tempFilePath = new Path("/tmp/", java.util.UUID.randomUUID().toString + ".tmp")
val fs = FileSystem.get(spark.sparkContext.hadoopConfiguration)

val stream = fs.create(tempFilePath, true)
try {
  stream.write(parquetPayload, 0, parquetPayload.length)
} finally {

val df = 



This works, but I would like to avoid the write to disk, and keep this all in memory. Is this possible? 


Expert Contributor

Hi @JoeR 


Spark will support reading files with multiple file formats like parquet, orc, json, xml, avro,csv etc. I think there is no direct mechanism to read the data from the payload. 


If I found a different solution, I will share it with you.