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Parsing into impala




If I have a big amount of data database which are to be parsed into impala and something goes wrong in the process of parsing, the parsing will start from the zero or I can do something in order to start again from the part which crashed the process? 


Thanks a lot



Hi @drgenious,

With the given details the issue is a bit blurry to me. To be able to effectively advise you, could you share some additional details so we could gain further context on the issue you are facing.

  1. Could you advise on the data ingestion process, how the data reaches the storage layer, such as HDFS/S3/HBase?
  2. Could you elaborate more on the parsing process? What components are involved and how it is being done?
  3. Which part of the process is failing and what error message can you see when this happens?


Hey @tmater 

I am not into this now , I just want to be prepared and find the most efficient way. The data will reach the layer with HDFS. I was just curious if it is better to do it with Talend components or with sqoop in case that something will go wrong in the parsing. I dont want to start from the zero everytime.

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