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Parsing topology is empty

New Contributor

Hi All,

I have configured parsing topology for grok parser which will receive data through kafka.Topology is getting started successfully using below command. But in Storm UI there is no information of bolt and spout. Also I couldn't find any log for this topology.

Could you kindly advise how to troubleshoot the issue.

Please find the screenshot for above issue





New Contributor

I have the same issue, do you solve it? Or anyone here can help?

New Contributor

@yuhao zhang

I am able to resolve this issue by killing some of the unused topologies from Storm UI since my storm environment was set up to keep maximum 5 topologies at a time.


@yuhao zhang

Yes I was able to see Storm spout and bolt after killing some of unused topology from Storm UI. My environment was setup to have maximum 5 topologies.

New Contributor

thanks for your answer, may I know where I can configure the number of maximum topologies, in the storm config page in ambari?

New Contributor

@Yuhai zhang

You can see the number of slots from here Ambari -> Storm -> Configs -> supervisor.slot.ports

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