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Performance Management in Nifi

Performance Management in Nifi

Hi Team,

I am working on Nifi flows for my team and facing issues on managing the performance of flow while using SplitText/ReplaceText/ExtractText.

One of the workaround i got is to use 3-4 SplitText Processors, but not sure how can we do the same.

Please let me know what changes i required in my flows to ingest and transform 1 GB of data records.

PS. Please refer this link to know all of my use cases -

Thanks in advance!




Re: Performance Management in Nifi


Could you post more about the following:

  • cluster size including cores per node
  • performance bottleneck (which processor(s))
  • time to complete processing of 1GB

Re: Performance Management in Nifi

Super Guru

Here are some recommended hardware configs based on throughput & etc. can you verify you adhere (or at least close) to the reocmmendations?



Number of NiFi nodes CPU Cores/node Number of disks/node, size of each disk (RAID 5/10) RAM/node Ideal Networking Setup
50 MB/s,

1000 events/s

3 16+ 6+, 1TB 8+ GB 1 Gigabit bonded NICs
100 MB/s,

10,000 events/s

5 16+ 6+, 2TB 8+ GB 1 Gigabit bonded NICs
200 MB/s,

100,000 events/s

7 24+ 12+, 4TB 16+ GB 10 Gigabit bonded NICs
400 MB/s,

100,000+ events/s

9 24+ 12+, 8TB 16+ GB 10 Gigabit bonded NICs
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