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Permissions problem in Capacity Scheduler view in Ambari

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After upgrading to from Ambari to Ambari i can no longer edit Capacity Scheduler queues. I receive:

Warning! You do not have permission to edit the Capacity Scheduler configuration. Contact your Cluster administrator.


However, my user is Amabri Administrator user:


Even the Audit log confirms this:


If i login with the default local Admin user - it works and i can change queues configuration. The only thing that has changed is the Ambari version due to the upgrade. No changes were made to my user which is and always have been an Administrator user.

Any ideas ?


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Apparently it's caused due to this known bug:

I've received a fix from HW after opening a case 🙂


View solution in original post


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Is LDAP working? Do you need to restart anything?

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Hi @Timothy Spann

Thank you for replying

LDAP is working - i'm able to login using my LDAP user & password and so do other users from LDAP. Also - after the upgrade, as part of the post-upgrade i have ran the ambari ldap setup again (as required in the upgrade manual) and restarted Ambari + All of the services of the cluster + the Ambari host itself - several times.


I'm pretty sure the Capacity Scheduler permissions query against the Ambari API is incorrect. The change that introduced this is here:

The related JIRA:

The correct url:


This returns the list of privileges.

The incorrect url:


This returns a blank page.

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Apparently it's caused due to this known bug:

I've received a fix from HW after opening a case 🙂


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I am having the same issues after upgrading from Ambari to Ambari The CapSched View is effectively unusable, as no Admin can access it anymore.

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@Roland Simonis Do you use LDAP for Ambari authentication ? If so, go to /etc/ambari-server/conf

edit Add: authentication.ldap.username.forceLowercase=true Ssave Restart Ambari Check CapSched again.

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@Adi Jabkowsky This did the trick! Thank you. Now it works.

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