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Pig script execution on Tez engine failed

New Contributor

I tried to execute a PIG script on TEZ engine with the help of Ambari pig view but execution failed. TEZ property tez.lib.uris = /hdp/apps/$(hdp.version)/tez/tez.tar.gz is configured correctly. Hive with Tez works without any issues.The following exceptions are received during the execution.

1. Exception while waiting for TEZ client

2. Cannot submit DAG - org.apache.pig.backend.hadoop.executionengine.tez.TezJob

3. Unable to open iterator for alias join_data


@mohammed fazil

You should check if the tez client is installed on your pig client, if the tez-site.xml contains the tez.lib.uris property and if the tez libraries are actually in HDFS and valid ( download them and untar to check )

Make sure the below entry is present in tez.


Hope it Helps!

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