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Ping in container always fails in Cloudbreak v2.7.1


Ping in container always fails after I upgraded Cloudbreak to v2.7.1.

Initially I installed Cloudbreak v2.4.2 in AWS using the AMI 'cloudbreak-deployer-242-2018-05-301 (ami-85a852fa)'. Ping in container always succeeds as per the attached cbd-doctor1.png. However, after I upgraded Cloudbreak to v2.7.1 by cbd update command, it always fails as per the attached cbd-doctor2.png.

Please note this Cloudbreak instance has only Private IP, but not Public IP. This might be the cause.

Could you please tell me if there is a way to resolve the problem? Also, I would like to know the impact of the problem - In which case does the container need to connect to the Internet?

Thank you in advance.

Mai Nakagawa



Expert Contributor

Hi @Mai Nakagawa,

Internet acces is used only for accessing the cloud providers API, or if you use Smartsense, then for Smartsense communication.

If it's not causing any issue for you, you may ignore this error. You can investigate this by connecting to a container and issuing the some ping and curl commands to see what is the issue.