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Please include current python version (3.7.3) in HDP Sandbox and enable it for zeppelin by default

New Contributor

In order to be able to use Python 3 with Zeppelin I tried to chagne the setting


zeppelin.pyspark.python = python




zeppelin.pyspark.python = python3




That did not work. Then I tried to undo my changes and now I get following error:


PUT http://{sandboxserver}:9995/api/interpreter/setting/spark2 504 (Gateway Time-out) vendor.49d751b0c72342f6.js:37


=> Could you please include python 3.7.3 in the Sandbox and enable it as default for Zeppelin

instead of 2.7.5?





New Contributor

Also asked the question here:

=>This questions can be deleted (Did not find how to do it)