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Presto ranger integration error

Presto ranger integration error

HI All,

I am working to integrate ranger and presto and following this URL but ended with error and integration is not successful.


  1. Created a ranger-${RANGER_VERSION}-presto-plugin.tar.gz file.
  2. Extracted tar file to ranger-presto-plugin
  3. Changed install.properies file.
  4. Run ./

It was successful run but It did not create & rules.json file. And I created these files manually in /etc/presto. Now presto is not starting and failed with the below error.

2019-06-21T04:59:21.731Z ERROR main com.facebook.presto.server.PrestoServer Access control ranger is not registered
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Access control ranger is not registered
at com.facebook.presto.server.PrestoServer.main(

Do we need to use ranger-servicedef-presto.json anywhere because its not mentioned in ranger presto integration URL.

OR any another link which I can follow which is having all information.

Bharat Bhushan


Re: Presto ranger integration error

New Contributor

Hi @Bharat Bhushan,

This question looks complicated and may require some back-and-forth. Can you join the Presto community Slack? It will be easier to help you there. Please post in the #troubleshooting channel and we will be happy to help.

There is a link to join Slack here:


David Phillips
Co-founder @ Presto Software Foundation, Co-creator of Presto (

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