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Problem when connect Nifi to Kafka

New Contributor

I have trying to running a ConsumeKafka_2_6 processor to pull message from Kafka. The Kafka have SSL protocol so my processor have a StandardSSLContextService attach to it, I create it with the truststore and keystore file provided by the Kafka. It seem fine when created, but when I run my processor it show this error org.apache.kafka.common.errors.sslauthenticationexception: ssl handshake failed. Any body have faced the same problem, please give me a hint. Thank you guy very much.


Expert Contributor

I would suggest checking the keystores you're using in the nifi consumer with a simple producer/consumer in the kafka host itself, for example:


Create a file called and add the SSL details, example below:


Then run the consumer and see if the issue is replicated, if yes, you can enable debugging for the client to get more details about the exception.


I hope that helps to find the root cause.

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