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Problem with flows containing nested versioned process groups

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I observed a strange behavior related to the nested versioned flows. I develop NiFi flows in two environments - Windows and Linux. I created process group with nested versioned process groups under Windows and pushed it into a NiFi Registry. When I'm trying to deploy this PG from the same registry I'm receiving the following error:


The Flow Registry with ID 5552e140-0169-1000-ffff-ffffc43e0ed7 reports that no Flow exists with Bucket a87ce054-7c96-48a6-a04d-55f7f3cfa8d2, Flow 42509fa3-1344-4e0b-aaee-1740e25cc366, Version 2

The similar situation occurs when I created the same flow with nested versioned PG in Linux and tried to access it under the Windows. Is this a known behavior or I am doing something wrong? NiFi Registry is running on Linux. 


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Maybe understanding how nested version controlled PGs are included in the root version controlled PG will help you find out what is going on here.  I can't think of any reason the OS would play in this problem.

When you version controlled the nested PG, it was placed in some bucket in the NiFi-Registry and includes all the components within that PG.

Then when the parent PG of that nested PG is version controlled, all components minus the nested version controlled PGs are stored in a bucket in the NiFi-Registry.  In place of the nested VC PG in the root VC PG is info on where to find that nested PG.  This includes the registry URL, bucket ID, flow ID and version.  

I wonder if this is an authorization issue maybe, where the particular bucket where these nested PGs are being version controlled in each environment is not accessible by the other environment NiFi.