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Process Group to hold several ExecuteScripts, and how to access them with Python.

New Contributor

I have created a group with a couple of variables, each one has a script that does a specific job. ( In this case it uppercases the text )


Each variable holds a Value like this :


The Process inside the Group has the following configurations


I'm making a reference to the PG variable, but i'm unsure about the Script Body, mine is

the following:


The code is giving me an error. I'm stuck.

What am I doing wrong.


Super Guru

I don't think this is possible as written, as the PG variables are strings, but even with Jython "eval" it won't have access to the session, flow file(s), etc. Instead you could have a separate ExecuteScript instance for each script, then use routing logic or whatever to send the flow files to the appropriate script(s).

New Contributor

Thank you @Matt Burgess

What and what If I created an Attribute with the value of the PG variable and try to use that value inside a python function.

Like so,




My function receives a line from a csv ( coming from the flowfile ) and uppercases a specific column.

And I wanted to use the 'myFlowFileAttr' value ( created above ) has the argument 'c' from my function.

But it says "myAttr" is not defined.

Is it possible to do something like this?

TLDR: I want to create an Attribute and use its value with a function with ExecuteScript


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