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Provisioning time for multiple datanodes using Cloudbreak

Hello Team,

I have couple of questions on provisioning datanodes using cloudbreak where I would like to know the approx time in commissioning a data node to the cluster (assuming node is available with all prerequisites (OS) to get started for commissioning) ? And, if I want to provision 50 datanodes, does the parallelism of provisioning those nodes depends on cores available on Ambari Server? Example:

  • 1. Ambari Server with 32 cores
  • 2. Assuming, 20 cores available on Ambari server for this process
  • 3. Requirement: 50 datanodes (autoscaling)

Does this mean that only 20 nodes will be provisioned parallel as a first batch (1 core = 1 datanode provisioning) and then 20 followed by 10? So, if 15 mins are taken to provisioning 1 batch (20 nodes in parallel) then 50 nodes would take 45 mins for provisioning?




Expert Contributor

Hi @Abhishek Sakhuja,

This question is Ambari related not Cloudbreak, so what i can suggest to use more Ambari related tags on it, and hopefully Ambari experts should find it more easily.

Thank you and will do that!