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Queries regarding new CCA175 2020 pattern

New Contributor

Hi Cloudera Certification Team,


Queries regarding new CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer Exam (CCA175) - 2020


Q1) Other than Spark,Kafka, Impala and Hive, is there any components like Sqoop, Flume, Pig, MySql included in 2020 new syllabus? Because it seems new syllabus covering more on spark knowledge


In addition to that, the components were being mentioned at the bottom of the page previously, there are no details like that anymore.


Q2) I have seen video of the new exam environment for CCA, other than Apache Spark documentation is there any other CDH / HDP documentation available for reference? 


Q3) Regarding configuration

This is a practical exam and the candidate should be familiar with all aspects of generating a result, not just writing code.Supply command-line options to change your application configuration, such as increasing available memory

Do we have access to Cloudera Manager UI to verify configuration details or we have only access to command line interface throughout the examination? 




If your questions aren't answered by the Certification FAQ, your best course of action is to email The certification team will then evaluate your questions and reply to you directly.




Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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ditto. anyone?

Expert Contributor

Hi Joseph,


We highly recommend all students to check out the related Developer exam page and the updated recommended preparation that can be expected during the exam at Also it is recommended to view our updated video, which will walk you through changes to the new exam environment.


This page includes information on the updated required skills, classes to take and an updated outline of the documentation as well, made available to you during the course of the exam.  There are also links to our Certification Terms and Conditions and our FAQ pages. 


Hi @raj_kumar 


Seeing as some time has passed and this question has not been adequately answered by the bots & "experienced" members of this esteemed forum it would be helpful if you could write a proposed answer to your original query.


Thanks sir.



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