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Querying Hive Data using HAWQ and PXF



I have configured a 4 node Cluster and installed ambari and required tools. Configure the basic tools (Hive, Oozie, Spark, zookeeper, etc) i installed PXF and Hawq with 3 segments. But now i want to query Data store in hive, i know that i can use Hcatalog and avoid creating PXF external tables. What i dont know is how to access Hawq, i see that it has to be through postgreSQL, but when i try to access sql it always give me this: psql: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "[local]", user "gpadmin", database "gpadmin", SSL off (loged as gpadmin). If im loged in with other user the same happens... Can you tell me how to access psql correctlyin order to query hive data? Another thing ive seen that some foruns say that if we use hcatalog we only use one node to query data, is this true? If this is true i would be obligated to create external tables


Cloudera Employee

Here are some sample entries from my pg_hba.conf for HAWQ master

local all all ident
host all all trust
host all gpadmin ::1/128 trust