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Questions about how to configurate Hue Configuring TLS/SSL for Impala


Questions about how to configurate Hue Configuring TLS/SSL for Impala



  # Port of the Impala Server
  ## server_port=21050
  # URL of the Impala Coordinator Server.
  ## coordinator_url=localhost:25000
    # SSL communication enabled for this server.
    ## enabled=false

    # Path to Certificate Authority certificates.
    ## cacerts=/etc/hue/cacerts.pem

    # Choose whether Hue should validate certificates received from the server.
    ## validate=true



Do Imapala TLS/SSL settings in Hue apply to both 21050 and 25000 communications?

Impala in my cluster, Only 'SSL/TLS Certificate for Impala component Webserver' is configured.


Port 25000 uses SSL.

Port 21050 does not use SSL.


Would the connection to port 21050 fail If I set ssl for Imapala in hue.



When I click impala query profile, Hue raise error.

I am finding the solution.



bad handshake: Error([('SSL routines', 'ssl3_get_server_certificate', 'certificate verify failed')],)"




Master Guru

@avengers Yes, only SSL port will work for SSL connection that's expected. So first rectify the ports and then see if the error comes again. 

Then testing the SSL connection using below or some similar command will help you to determine the issue. 

openssl s_client -verify 100 -showcerts -CAfile /etc/tls-certs/certificate.pem -connect <Impalahost>:25000


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