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Questions on Cloudera Enterprise Edition License

Hi All,


I am planning to upgrade the CDH clusters from Express Edition to Enterprise Edition, but I have a few questions on Cloudera Enterprise Edition License as follows. 


1. Where and How to buy the Cloudera Enterprise License, do I have to call the Cloudera custom service to get the license ?


2. Where can I find the subscription price of the Cloudera Enterprise License ?


3. My production environment is in a totally off-line environment, how can Cloudera know when I start to use the License ? 





1. Contact a Cloudera Sales rep or one of their partners.

2. The sales rep will provide this info.

3. It will come down to when you contact them for support or they contact you. The license is applied to the cluster and so you will have the features provides, say in CM, as long as the license is valid.

@mbigelow, thanks for your reply.

Let's say I upload a license to the CDH cluster, but the CDH cluster is in a totally off-line environment, what if I don't contact them for support, how can they know the license is valid or not in the off-line cluster ?

The enterprise license gives you access to a bunch of features and allows you to use all of the services. It is only good for 1 - 3 years. After it expires I know the features are not accessible, like the Kerberos wizard. I am not sure if the other services get locked out. I doubt it but I can guarantee a sales guy will be reaching out to you prior to the expiration.

To put it another way, if you only wanted access to all of the services and don't need support or the fancy features of CM, CN, etc. Then install the community version and enjoy.

@mbigelow, thanks again.
1. Yes exactly, I just want to access to all of the features, especially the Cloudera Navigator feature, and I don't need any technical support so far.

As I know there are roughly two Cloudera editions with respectively Express Edition(free) and Enterprise Edition( charged) , so what is the the community version you metioned ?

Is the community version free with all features accessible?

2. Just curious for the license issue. When the license is expired, the sales guy can reach me, but they can not "reach" my cluster since my cluster is totally off-line, so there is no way the sales guy can control the accessibility of the feature once the feature is actived.
The only possibility I think is that the cluster itself terminates the feature when license is expired. If so, then there are many ways to "reuse" the license in the off-line environment.
Let's say, my good friend buy a 3 years license, I am also able to use his license in my cluster without letting the sales guy knows. I know this is illeagle, but just for curious how the cloudera guarantee the "one license one cluster per person" if the cluster is in a totally off-line environment.


Community Manager

It sounds like you have several different questions that could lead to additional ones depending on the answers. I think your best bet would be to contact sales and see what options are available for your situation. Another option, if it applies to your situation, is the Cloudera Developer Program

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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New Contributor

I would like just to sort out.
1. For example, if I will be using CDSW on ASW, I would have to pay the cloud provider the amounts in this table or I will have to pay this amount only Cloudera and nothing a cloud provider?

Does this pricing table include all feeses?

2. For example, if I deploy Warehouse products in AWS, do I pay Cloudera the fees in the table and pay AWS additional storage and compute fees, or not?

Best regards Alex

Community Manager

I would suggest contacting sales with your questions as they would be the best to answer them. 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program
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