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Ranger Autocomplete Resource Name Feature Not Working for Hive Service


Hello Team,

We are using HDP-2.5.6. We are not using Kerberos security.

We have configured SSL for Hiveserver2 daemon. We have enabled Ranger plugin for Hive service.

When we click on Test connection in Rangers Hive repository, it gives following error:


Connection Failed.

Unable to retrieve any files using given parameters, You can still save the repository and start creating policies, but you would not be able to use autocomplete for resource names. Check ranger_admin.log for more info.

org.apache.ranger.plugin.client.HadoopException: Unable to connect to Hive Thrift Server instance.. Unable to connect to Hive Thrift Server instance.. Could not open client transport with JDBC Uri: jdbc:hive2:// null. 


Ranger autocomplete resource name feature is not working.

How to resolve it?

Please suggest.




@Bhushan Kandalkar I think this is due your ranger admin truststore may not be properly configured. You may want to check the following video on how to setup ranger admin ssl:

and as a followup step you should add the hive public certificate to the ranger admin truststore.


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@Felix Albani,

Our 2-way SSL is working properly. Also, hive public certificate is present in ranger admin truststore.

Attached Ranger Hive Repo screenshot hive-repo.png

Please suggest.

@Felix Albani

Please suggest.