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Ranger Group permissions from LDAP - not working in Hive

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We use HDP 2.3 with Ranger 0.5 for managing HIVE permissions. (not for HDFS. Just hive). Ranger (usersync) is configured to use Active Directory and it syncs the users & groups from AD without any issues. In Ranger >>> Settings >>> Users/Groups we see each user and it's corresponding Active Directory groups. When granting authorizations to users for hive access - it works perfect ! However - when using groups (which is way more efficient to manage) it just doesn't work. Permission is always denied. It seems using groups just doesn't work - only users. Again - the sync works and i'm able to see the each users' groups in Ranger - but when i use groups instead of users for hive permissions - it does nothing.


Any ideas why ?

Thanks in advance !

Adi J.


New Contributor

In my case I had to restart HiveServer2 services on nodes after I had connected the hosts to the domain (using sssd service).