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Ranger HDFS Policy with {USER} does not work

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I created a HDFS policy in ranger (0.70) to configure the permission for the home directory and tried to run a hive statement in jupyter. I got the error message 'permission denied' for the folder /user/Account.

Afterwards, I created the folder in HDFS manually and I was able to run the hive statement.

Path: /user/{USER}

User: {USER}

Permission ALL, Delegated

Must the folder exists in HDFS before the ranger policy can apply? Thanks for the information.


Expert Contributor

@Christian Schroeder

You need to have a hdfs user directory for that user {User}

login as hdfs user (su - hdfs) and create a directory with your OS user username:

hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/{User}

hdfs dfs -chown {User} /user/{User}

Now you will be able to run queries.

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