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Ranger UI Login - LDAP integration


Need to integrate Ranger UI login with LDAP. Does below look correct?

1. Login to Ambari UI

2. Go to Ranger Service --> Configs 3. Expand "Ranger Settings" 4. Under "Authentication method" select the appropriate. 5. Upon selection of LDAP/ACTIVE_DIRECTORY the settings for the same will appear below in the next section. Please fill in the details accordingly. 6. Save the changes and restart the Ranger service.


Hi @Arti Wadhwani Yes, that's correct. You can find meaning of all fields here in the "Configuring Ranger Admin Authentication Modes" section. You can select from LDAP, AD, and Unix. You can use LDAP GUI or ldapsearch command to explore LDAP settings and select the right ones. If you have already done for example Ambari setup-ldap you would know how to do it.

What is the difference between this link and the link in The steps that @Arti Wadhwani mentioned seem to follow the link that I mentioned. So, what is the different between both ways of setting LDAP and which one is responsible for the users who are allowed to login to Ranger UI?

Also, If one link is responsible for adding users who will user hadoop and the other is for users who have access to Ranger portal UI. What if I used same LDAP connection for both places, will that add two of each user?


@Arti Wadhwani has this been resolved? Can you accept the best answer or provide your own solution?

Hi @Arti Wadhwani @Predrag Minovic

I was able to successfully integrate Ranger with LDAP. I have mentioned detailed steps in the link below -