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Ranger plugin lists a deleted server. Anyone know how to get rid of the error?


We removed a kakfa node (Ambari 2.7.3) and Ranger Plugins Tab still thinks the node is active.  Nothing in ambari or ranger logs.  Not a big deal just irritating. UI using REST call to /service/plugins/plugins/info


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Hi @woodcock_mike, thanks for this interesting question.

I could reproduce this issue locally in my Ambari 2.7.4 cluster as well. Allow me some time to research and figure out how we could get rid of the additional absent Kafka server in Ranger audits. I'll be right back.


@slambe @woodcock_mike 


Take the back up of the DB first just in-case.

This has to be done from ranger DB, following querries may help to get rid of deleted server form the plugin status page:-


select id,service_name,app_type,host_name from x_plugin_info where host_name='HOST_NAME';


Where HOST_NAME is the host that has been removed form the cluster, verify the details.

To remove the plugin status info for the removed host run following query:-


DELETE FROM x_plugin_info where host_name='HOST_NAME';