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Ranger web ui unavailable with errorcode 404

After upgrade hdp from to,ranger web ui become unavailble.The new ranger admin installed on other machines is accessible. Is it because of conflict with the previous version?Thanks in advance.

ERROR in xa_portal.log:

ERROR org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader ( - Context initialization failed

org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException: Invalid bean definition with name 'loggingDataSource' defined in ServletContext resource [/META-INF/applicationContext.xml]: C

ould not resolve placeholder 'ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url' in string value "${ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url}"; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not resolve placeholder

'ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url' in string value "${ranger.jpa.audit.jdbc.url}"


Super Mentor


There is a behaviour change documented from ranger perspective when the HDP upgrade happens from HDP 2.4 to HDP 2.5 (you have upgraded to HDP 2.6) so you must refer to this:

Release Notes: (HDP 2.5 Behavior Change)

Scenario: Ranger Audits users who are currently using Audit to DB must migrate to Audit to Solr.

Previous Behavior: Ranger Audit can be configured to go with any of the following destinations: DB, SOLR, and HDFS.

New Behavior: Ranger Audit can no longer be configured to the destination DB. Ranger Audit can only be configured to go with the following destinations: SOLR and HDFS.

During upgrade to HDP 2.5, If you have not enabled ranger-audit to SOLR, then you will have to configure audit to Solr post-upgrade. Otherwise, you will not see audit activities in Ranger UI. You can either use an externally managed Solr or Ambari managed Solr. For details on configuring these, refer to the Solr Audit configuration section in installation guide.


Thank you very much for your reply. The problem we encountered was that ranger web ui of http://ranger-admin-host:6080/login.jsp could not be accessed. The error code returned was 404. It seems to have nothing to do with ranger audit.

We didn't enable audit to solr or db,only audit to hdfs.The problem seems to be related to catalina.