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Real time data ingestion from Mssql


What are the possible ways to ingest/replicate MsSql data into HDFS/Oracle. I know GG is one of the option but its no more supported by Oracle and Microsoft due to licensing conflict. Please suggest what others possible wasy we can do that.

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You can use HDF to ingest MsSQL data to HDFS.


plz tell me in details?


@Bhupendra Mishra

HDF / Apache NiFi should do exactly what you need. With over 170 processors you will be able to connect do your database and move the data to Oracle/HDFS with drag & drop functionality.

Your going to want to use QueryDatabaseTable processor, do your processing, and then use a PutHDFS processor. Below are some links, one with a full tutorial, the other with more information. You could also use ExecuteSQL to get data from your SQL database too.

This tutorial shows taking RDBMS data and putting to a file. The only difference for your use case is instead of the PutFile processor, just use a putHDFS processor. This should work for you:

Here is a similar question with a few answers & more info: