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Rebalancing in Kudu

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If we Go to Clusters > Kudu > Click Actions, Run Kudu Rebalancer Tool, will it distribute data for overall Kudu or just Kudu Master or Kudu T-Servers.


Target is to distribute currently uneven data, evenly acrossall nodes.


If above does not work, is there any other way to distribute / balance data evenly across all kudu nodes. Also, do we need any downtime while rebalancing is in progress unlike HDFS.


Overview of our infrastructure:
3 Kudu Masters
9 Tablet Servers
Kudu 1.7.0-cdh5.16.2/ CM 5.16.2


Request some advice / assistance on the same.





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Hi @snm1523 ,


Kudu masters don't serve or store data, so the rebalance tool will rebalance data across all of the tablet servers where the data are stored. You don't need any downtime to run the Kudu cluster rebalance tool.




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Can rebalance be done when kudu service is operational? or do we need to put kudu service on maintenence?



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Hi @wert_1311 ,


You can run Kudu rebalance whilst the cluster is operational and it will run in the background. You don't need to put the Kudu service into maintenance mode.




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