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Recommendation for Edge Node Configuration


Recommendation for Edge Node Configuration

New Contributor

RECOMMENDED PROCESSORS - a dual-socket server with Ivy Bridge processors clocked at between 2 and 2.5GHz.

RECOMMENDED MEMORY - 48GB of RAM is sufficient

RECOMMENDED STORAGE - use four >900GB LFF SAS drives because much higher capacities are available, as compared to smaller form-factor SAS drives.

If Edge Nodes are pass throughs then why do we need such high Storages ? Is there a better configuaration for Edge Nodes.


Re: Recommendation for Edge Node Configuration

New Contributor

@Guru Kamath Considering Edge node's will just execute your jobs as a gateway, the main process will run on your slaves. In my opinion, you don´t need too much storage on Edge nodes, unless you need to use this space to store scripts, process, logs, and other files that you need to use as a part of your process. I suggest you use a separated filesystem to store your files.

And if possible use Edge node exclusively for gateway services, installing Ambari on another machine.