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Refreshing processor for every X min until Y pm/am


Is there any way to refresh the processor for every 5 min for an hour? Let's say I have a processor which was scheduled to run every day at 3'o clock. I want to schedule this processor at 3'o clock everyday only if it receives any flowfiles. If the processor doesn't receives any flowfiles at 3'o clock, it should trigger (to check if any flowfile comes) every five minutes until 4'o clock. How can I achieve this?




Master Guru



The logic you are trying to accomplish is not possible with the existing scheduling strategies that are available to NiFi processor components?

I have no idea which processor you are talking about here, but since you mention it is looking for FlowFiles, I can only assume it is a processor with an incoming connection from another component.  
What is your concern with just having it run all the time?
What about using a different cron so that it runs every 5 mins during hour 3 each day?  This allows it a full hour each day to look for those incoming FlowFiles.



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