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Remote input port inside process group




I came across issue with remote input ports in nifi. I am unable to have remote input port inside any processor group except under "root". Is it the limitation with remote input ports ??


As per my requirement, I need to save my flows which contain input port into nifi registry for version control and version control supports saving process groups as flows in nifi registry. As I need to have remote input port only under "root", I am unable to save the flows to nifi registry.




Please help me if there is anyway to have remote input ports inside process group.


Master Guru


What you have encountered was by design until the release of Apache NiFi 1.10.  The ability to create "remote" input and output ports as any process group level was added as a new feature:


In order to use this new feature you will need to upgrade NiFi 1.10 or newer and NiFi-Registry 0.4 or newer where above was introduced along with NiFi-Registry improvements needed to support it:

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