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Remove disk permanently from all Data Nodes


HI All,


I want to  remove the disk from  Cloudera permanently. So far these are the steps that I should follow.

1. Remove the disk from HDFS configuration, 

2. Remove the disk physically as these are not used anymore.

Now the question arises is that how the data blocks will be replicated if the data is removed from the DataNode Default Group like /data01. 

what will happen if all the blocks according to RF=3 available on /data01 on different server and now the disk is removed? what is the possibility of the blocks available on same  /data01 with RF=3 ?



can someone let me know if there is a possibility to have the blocks on the same disk with RF=3 with 3  datanode?



Hi @Chetankumar ,


I think we answered in this thread :-


If that answers all your questions, feel free to mark the post "accepted solution" 




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