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ReplaceText -> invokehttp

ReplaceText -> invokehttp

New Contributor

I want to merge an attribute which I am receiving from Update Attribute to Invoke Http. I have tried to send that attribute directly to InvoketHttp url for example https://urlnumber={fnnn} which is not taking up. Then I tried to use replacetext to merge the flow attribute to url in replacetext. In replacetext under ReplacementValue I have give URL and tried appending the flow attribute like https://urlnumber={fnnn} but the output of that replacetext is https://urlnumber= (without the attribute value). Requesting you to help me.


Re: ReplaceText -> invokehttp

Master Guru

@Sai aditya


Let me make sure I understand what you are doing first...

1. You are using an UpdateAttribute processor to add a new attribute to each FlowFile that pass through that processor. correct?

107587-screen-shot-2019-04-03-at-44139-pm.png2. This attribute on each FlowFile has an attribute name of "fnnn" and some value assigned to that attribute. correct?

3. This FlowFile then flows to an invokeHTTP processor where you need to add the value associated to that attribute to the URL. correct?


Every NiFi Expression Language (EL) statement starts with "${" and then ends with "}". You will notice in above screenshot I have modified what you provided with a proper EL of "${fnnn}".


The ReplaceText processor is used to modify the content of a FlowFile. Are you looking to modify the FlowFile content?

Thank you,



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