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RestException: Table 'user_settings' was not found

RestException: Table 'user_settings' was not found, got: hbase:namespace

I got this error when login into the alert ui metron interface



Are you using Ambari? Or have you installed Metron manually?

If you are using Ambari, it would try to create the table upon every restart if it didn't exist. If that doesn't happen you might have a permissions problem. You can check the HBase access audit logs if you run into this.


@Stefan Kupstaitis-Dunkler

Thank you for your respond. Yes, I'm using ambari. i already create the metronrest database and check the HBase audit log, I did not see any permission problem. The picture below shows the API from Swagger UI.


edited :

it was HBase table problem at all. Need to manually create table user_settings on HBase shell.


btw the hcp version i used was 1.6.0 and on Centos 7 single node, maybe the latest version does not have tis problem.

Thank you again @Stefan Kupstaitis-Dunkler.

Super Collaborator

@Amirul, can you describe your environment more? Metron version? how did you deploy?

Typically the 'user_settings' table is automatically created during deploy time.



Hello sir,

I installed metron with hcp mpack with ambari. The metron version 0.5.0. The installation on bare metal with centos 7.

Yes, the 'user_settings' is automatically created, maybe i have some problem with my installation.