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Revert ambari-server setup-ldap


Hi All,

I have setup ldap/AD and ambari-server integration which is working fine but only concern I have is ambari is creating case-sensitive AD users to lowercase users.

Since this is not suitable for us, I would like to revert the changes which have been made after running ambari-server setup-ldap so that I can no longer allow LDAP users to login to ambari.

Has anyone faced this and able to resolve ?



Super Collaborator

Hi @D Giri,

Although, you have integrated with the LDAP, you still will be able to use local user accounts in ambari, hence you can remove all the external(LDAP) accounts in ambari and recreate the required accounts, which will work as it expected and fulfill your requirement.

if still need to remove the configuration details, you can do ldap-setup with dummy ldap server url ldap:// and --ldap-save-settings option to Save without review for LDAP,

which ensure that user can never be sync from any server( only local accounts will work ).

Hope this helps !!

can you send me documentation for setup ldap/AD and ambari-server integration?

i don't know what exactly do step by step.