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RouteOnAttribute Expression for Today's Date - NIFI

New Contributor

Hi everyone, 

I want to use a RouteOnAttribute to only pick up files with the current date. What expression can I use to achieve this? 


The files in the SFTP I am fetching from are suffixed with a date as follows: 







@Makaveli  The solution you are looking for here is updateAttribute to create your string of the date format you want.  todayString = 


Then in routeOnText you use this attribute like this:  newRoute = 




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New Contributor

@stevenmatison thanks for the reply. So you're saying from my LISTSFTP processor I should connect a UpdateAttribute processor with the expression you mentioned, then have a RouteText processor connected to the UpdateAttribute processor? 


I tried the above and the UpdateAttribute is picking up all files in the SFTP regardless of the date today, any recommendations? 



@Makaveli  You can use File Filter Regex in ListSFTP to control which files come out of this processor.   Otherwise, you need to use ListSftp->UpdateAttribute->RouteOnAttribute to make sure the file name ends as suggested above.  Once you have a solid route of the files you want, then connect to FetchSFTP.

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