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Running Custom Java Application via Slider

Hi all,

I developed a Spring boot Java Application and built into a jar file.We have scalability concerns, so we want to run application on Yarn. How can i deploy custom jar or docker image on YARN via Slider?

Any comment appreciated.


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You can start from here -

You can jump to Slider application package creation documentation here -

And refer to several apps already in github -

Docker app packages doc is here -

Note, the Docker app support in current released versions of Slider is in Tech Preview mode. Also, the Docker support is not a first class integration with YARN. However a significant effort is underway for Hadoop 3.0 where Docker is going to be natively supported by YARN and Slider (note, in 3.0 Slider is migrated to be a YARN project). For more details you can refer to these -

and the 2 series blog (with more to come) -

Hi @Gour Saha,

Is there any java example?

I mean, can slider run any java application? Can it run my jar? Do I need to convert it to any standard structure or template?

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@MSertac Turkel most of the applications here ( are Java based apps. Of course, most of them have some shell/python scripts to start the apps and those scripts need to be hooked up with the Slider wrapper scripts (which are in python and are pretty simple and straightforward).

Few apps like memcached call the java cmd line directly from the Slider python wrapper -

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