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Running multiple Flume agents on a single node with Cloudera Manager


I have installed Flume on my CDH5.8.0 cluster. The flume agent is on a single node where Flume tasks run. I use the linux terminal ro run two sepate data ingestions via flume, with seperate configuartion files.


I want to monitor both ingestion processes via Cloudera Manager. Although the flume configuration panel in CM gives the option to add custom conf properties, but that is for a single flume agent. 


I cant add another flume agent via CM on the same host. How can I monitor both ingestion processes with Cloudera Manager?


Rising Star

You've followed Cloudera's documentation here?


I can't say that I've personally come across Cloudera Manager (CM) not allowing me to create another Flume Agent.  Take a look at the above instructions and see if perhaps you missed a step b/c I get the feeling based on how you stated a few things that you haven't tried adding anothe Flume Service, which is required to have another Flume Agent running.


Give it a shot and let me know your results

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