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Running out of space: how to increase disk capacity on my cluster


I asked a question yesterday about increasing disk capacity on my cluster in Ambari. After lots and lots of reading, I think I didn't ask the question correctly.

To start, I'm getting several warnings that I'm running out of HDFS disk:



Since I'm on a virtualized GCP environment, I just changed the disk capacities from 10 to 20 Gb on my 4 VMs.

Then I went into the CLI on each node and ran df -h

Obviously, I don't see the extra capacity I added since it's not been mounted, but this is where I get confused.

Looking at this thread:

I should create a directory at / and another in /home, point one to the other, change ownership and permissions, and then mount it.

But reading this thread:

I just need to create a directory, tell Ambari where that directory is under HDFS --> Configs (tab) --> DataNode box and restart the cluster.

Problem is, I've tried both methods and neither seem to be working for me. What am I doing wrong?




@Mike Wong

Adding disk size in the console isn't enough you will have to run resize2fs on each node where you increased the disk. I think this will walk you through Online resizing of persistent disk GCP

Hope that helps

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@Mike Wong

Any updates?