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SAM SchemaMetadata not found with the schemaName error

New Contributor

I am trying to follow the steps at

by creating a new kafka topic, then adding a new schema in the SchemaRegistry. However, when I try to add a new schema (following the instructions on the page) I get the following error when I click on Save in Schema Registry:

An exception was thrown while processing request with message: [SchemaMetadata not found with the schemaName: raw-truck_events_avro]

I am a newbie with this tool - so I don't know where to look next to see what is causing this error.

Your help is greatly appreciated!



Are your schema Name and topic name Same(literally)?

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Are your schema Name and topic name Same(literally)?

New Contributor

I had to go into Postgres and delete my first attempt from schema_version_info - and that was apparently blocking all additional schemas from being added (and causing the UI to hang).

I just tried with the name in schema registry and the "name" in the schema matching the topic name - and it worked!

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