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SOLVED: Cluster Install Wizard - Install of Spark Client Fails in HDP 2.6 on Centos 7

New Contributor

Perhaps this has already been posted elsewhere. If so you have my apology, but I was trying to install HDP 2.6 on a Centos 7 everything distribution and ran into an issue where the Spark client failed to install correctly. I discovered that the link at /usr/hdp/current/spark-client/conf for the Spark configuration was not pointing to an existent directory. So as root I created the directory with:

mkdir -p /etc/spark/conf

and reran the install wizard and all was well.

-=> Gregg <=-


New Contributor

Hi @Gregg Leichtman

It also solved my same problem.

You saved my great deal of time.

Thanks a lot.


New Contributor

Hi again,

It also solved my problem with spark2.

I experienced same problem with spark2, and I did what Gregg suggested same for spark2:

I run below command the servers which I cannot accomplish the installation of spark2 via Ambari.

mkdir -p /etc/spark2/conf

And result is succesfull.

Thanks again @Gregg Leichtman.