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[SOLVED] Empty version information and upgrade issue (2.5.#)

New Contributor


I'm facing issues regarding HDP stack maintenance upgrade from to :


Ambari was first successfully upgradedfrom 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 following upgrade guide.

Then I tryied to upgrade HDP stack from to but without success.

The first issue I encounter is an empty page when I want to check then current HDP stack version details :


However, the HDP stack details show up without problem. This version was created by uploading HDP- :


The second issue occures when I try to install the new stack version by using the « Intall on ... » button. I am then redirected to another page but nothing happends :


From here, I do not know where to look for possible troubleshooting and/or error messages. Nothing clear appears in Ambari nor system logs . I have searched for more info but was not able to solve those two issues (are they connected?).

As a background information, the whole setup is running on RHEL7 and was deployed using a local repository (Satellite). SELinux is set to enforce but does not seems to be the root cause since permissive mode does not solve the issue either.

Does anyone have already faced this kind of issue ? If so, how did you fixed it?

Thank you for your help.


New Contributor


I finally managed to solve this issue. It was due to the installed Ambari version not being available. repositories field of the repo_version table was empty for whatever reason.

To solve this issue, I downloaded and edited Version Definition File from Hortonworks then I added a fake Ambari version using the + Register Version button / HDP-2.5 / Add Version ... / Upload Version Definition File. I updated other fields to match the initial installation.

I then grabbed the repositories field from my custom Ambari version and updated the empty one with it. I restarted Ambari and voilà. The current version is now available and upgrade process does not hang anymore.

I hope this might help.

Kind regards.

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