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SQL to NoSQL: How to re-write an output JSON to the DynamoDB format?

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Hello, everyone!

I'm writing a process that extracts ~1.5 millions rows from a SQL Stored Procedure to one single JSON file, and put it in a DynamoDB table using AWS CLI command.

My currently workflow below:


I'm using the ExecuteSQLRecord to extract the data from the SQL Stored Procedure. My JSON output looks exactly like this:

[ {
  "CUSTOMER_ID" : "11111111111",
  "ACCOUNT_ID" : 111111111,
  "TRANSACTION_VALUE" : "100.00"
}, {
  "CUSTOMER_ID" : "22222222222",
  "ACCOUNT_ID" : 222222222,
  "TRANSACTION_VALUE" : "1000.00"
}, {
  "CUSTOMER_ID" : "33333333333",
  "ACCOUNT_ID" : 333333333,
  "TRANSACTION_VALUE" : "3000.00"

Each row from the resultset is an item in the JSON file.

After that, I use the PutFile to save the JSON file in my local machine, then I'm going to use the ExecuteStreamCommand to execute the AWS CLI command.

The question is: How can I format my JSON output file to a JSON format file that respects the DynamoDB rules (with the RequestItems and TableName attributes)?

Any help will be appreciated



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Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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