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SQOOP export --hive-import

New Contributor

Is it posible to export files to MSSQL/DB2/ORACLE with --hive-import option?

There seem to be a file part of the ".metadata" missing.



Unable to load descriptor file:hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020/user/hive/warehouse/customer/.metadata/


As per checking, the .metadata folder contains the file when --hive-import is NOT present as a parameter.


Also, is it possible to export parquet files?

Thanks to anyone who will answer


New Contributor

May or may not be helpful - I'm exporting tables from the cluster that start in avro format.  I couldn't use the --export-dir parameter for their metadata;  but using --hcatalog-table is working to get export connected up with table metadata so it knows the structure of the data being exported.


For me, this is exporting to Postgres - I'd expect the same behavior for any other relational database, as this lookds to me like a question of metadata on the cluster end of the export, rather than the insert/update statements on the relational database.

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